• Recruitment

  • Development Opportunity

    We have a complete human resource management system and good development prospects for every employee. We aim to create an equal development opportunity and build an ideal career development platform. In order to achieve the coordinated development of employees and the company, we have established a complete training system and hired professional consultants to provide various trainings for employees. Management team have the opportunity to be sent abroad to learn advanced technology and management experience.

  • Benefit

    We provide each employee with a good working and living environment. The employee dormitories are spacious and bright and equipped with air-conditioning. The mid and high-level manager enjoy such benefit as single living rooms or suites. The factory area has a welfare supermarket, clinic, cinema, library, Sports venues and facilities such as basketball courts. We also hold different cultural activities such as year-end dinners, New Year's lucky draws, birthday barbecues, etc. regularly to enrich the employee’s daily life. And front-line employees and team leaders will enjoy enrollment subsidies for their children. Employees enjoy social insurance, statutory holidays, holiday gifts, year-end bonuses and other forms of benefit.